As a vacation rental host, it's important to be mindful of your impact on the community around your property to prevent any complaints.

Understand Vrbo’s policy on unauthorized events 

If your property becomes a nuisance within the community, we expect you to take action. Partners who don't take appropriate steps to prevent these events may be removed from our site. This is regardless of whether the specific event was booked through our platform.

If a guest hosts an unauthorized or disruptive event, Vrbo might not allow them to rent in the future.

Common complaints and proactive steps

  • Parking: Clearly state parking arrangements in the listing rules, including the maximum number of cars and alternative locations. 
  • Trash: Leave easy instructions for guests explaining all the when, where, and how of trash disposal. Always have extra trash bags available in case of overflow. 
  • Noise: Inform guests about quiet hours for your community. Be clear about your expectations for loud music and late-night activity. 

Tips on how to be a good neighbor

Follow these tips to keep your community peaceful.

Start with open communication 
Let surrounding homes know that you own or manage a vacation rental and give them a way to reach you in an emergency.

Neighbors are sometimes the best way to get an early warning if something goes wrong on your property.

Know local rules and regulations 
Make sure you know about any local regulations or ordinances that could affect your property and avoid negative actions against you.
For example:
  • Some areas require specific licenses and tax reporting options.
  • Many areas regularly check that vacation rentals are adhering to their rules.

Make your expectations clear to guests 
Guests are more likely to follow the rules if you make them clear from the start. By setting up House Rules for your property, you can be sure that guests know what they should and shouldn’t be doing.

Monitor your property and prevent large parties
Preventing loud parties is essential to keeping your community safe and peaceful for your neighbors. House parties, unless expressly allowed, aren’t permitted by Vrbo.

You can detect when the noise level is getting out of control before it bothers neighbors by using privacy-safe noise monitoring software, such as NoiseAware.