Fees can be applied to all dates on your rates calendar. There are two types of fees:
  • Standard: fees for extra guests, cleaning, and pets.
  • Custom: fees defined by your business that are not covered in standard fees.
To add or edit fees:
  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select the listing if you have more than one rental property.  
  3. Select Calendar.
  4. Select Settings, then Fees.
  5. Under Standard Fees, select up to three appropriate fees.
  6. Select Fee type.
  7. Enter amount.
  8. Add custom fees details, if needed. You can select up to 3 custom fees.
  9. Once all the required information is entered, select Save.
If you’ve previously defined a tax percentage in the Rules and Policies section of your listing, a checkbox is presented next to each fee, should you require tax to be added. If a tax percentage isn’t defined, or you’re in a jurisdiction where we’re collecting and remitting taxes on your behalf, the taxable checkboxes aren’t presented next to each fee.

Note: Any changes to your fees are only applied to future bookings. If you’ve already confirmed a reservation and want to add fees, you need to send your guest an additional payment request to collect those funds before the guest completes their stay.