To be sure owners and managers who list with us are providing the experience travelers expect, we have created best practices known as our “Marketplace Standards.”

How does this Marketplace benefit my business?
Our goal is to provide you the most bookings possible, and to do so we need to provide travelers with a simple and secure online booking experience. These marketplace standards help make it easier to book, give travelers security in their booking experience so they are more likely to return to the marketplace in the future.

HomeAway Marketplace Standards
By following these standards, you will benefit in improved visibility to travelers looking to book your property on the HomeAway site and an overall better experience for you and your guests. Owners and property managers are expected to adhere to the following standards when listing a property on the HomeAway network of sites through both our pay-per-booking and subscription listing models.  
Marketplace Standards
  • All bookings from HomeAway travelers must be processed through HomeAway checkout or reported through an integrated software. Content around avoiding the HomeAway service fee or any other request on your listing that attempts to direct travelers to another website or to book outside of HomeAway checkout is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to language, URLs, phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses.
  • You must accept a material number of booking requests. While we understand that not all booking requests are desirable for your property, you should accept a material number of the requests.
  • You must accommodate travelers with service animals. All property owners and managers with properties located in the United States and U.S. Territories are required to accommodate travelers who require the use of a service animal
  • You cannot cancel a material number of confirmed reservations.  Canceling a confirmed reservation is a huge disappointment and can result in lost time, money, and a bad overall experience for travelers.
  • You must maintain an accurate calendar. Your calendar should be kept accurate at all times. This will save potential travelers from spending time submitting booking requests for unavailable dates and you time in having to respond about availability.
  • You cannot use one listing to drive bookings for multiple unlisted properties.

Offenses to these are violations of our Terms and Conditions. These standards are intended to minimize risk and provide the best experience possible for you and your travelers. Should any of these be violated, your listing is subject to less visibility to travelers, penalties that include but are not limited to removing or disabling your ability to receive inquiries, demotion or removal from search results, or removal from the listing site all together without any refund.