Important: By continuing to accept bookings, you agree that you are registered as a taxpayer, and will remit any tax sent to you to the appropriate taxing authorities. Upon inquiry or audit by any taxing jurisdiction, we may require you to provide your tax registration number and documentation that you remitted all taxes to the appropriate jurisdiction.

You can’t opt out of our collection and remittance of lodging tax in jurisdictions where we are required by law to collect and remit or where we have an agreement with the tax authority.

Your tax obligations
Property owners and managers are responsible for understanding and complying with the laws and regulations applicable to their property listing.

You're also responsible for collecting and remitting lodging taxes when we're not liable to do so. For example, in some areas, tax authorities (city, county, state and/or country) may impose additional taxes that aren’t being collected and remitted by us. Property owners are responsible for understanding their tax obligations. Check with your local authorities for more information about the requirements in your area, including when the following circumstances apply:
  • Your property was booked prior to and including the day before we began collecting and remitting lodging tax in your property's jurisdiction.
  • The booking is not made by using our online system.
  • You used an external software to integrate with our online system.
To view information about lodging taxes, read the following articles:
Vrbo’s tax obligations
Vrbo collects and remits lodging tax in required jurisdictions when rental bookings and payments are made on our platform. We’ll email you to let you know when we start to collect and remit lodging tax in your area.

In jurisdictions where we're liable, we collect lodging taxes from the guest when they book, and we then remit the taxes to the appropriate taxing authority either monthly, quarterly, or annually.