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When you book and pay through HomeAway checkout and your booking is accepted by the owner or property manager, you are eligible for the Book with Confidence Guarantee.

The Book with Confidence Guarantee provides travelers with following benefits:
  • Comprehensive payment protection that protects your full rental payment against listing fraud, phishing, property significantly misrepresented and more
  • Premium customer service that is available 24/7 to help you if you have issues or questions regarding your stay
  • Rebooking assistance to help you find another vacation rental should your booking be cancelled by an owner or manager at the last minute
  • Security deposit protection to help you recover your deposit  if it is wrongfully withheld
The Book with Confidence Guarantee is to help travelers feel confident booking on HomeAway, reducing booking hesitation that in turn supports our homeowners. We believe that most owners are already very responsive in resolving their own customer issues, and we continue to expect that most issues will be addressed with satisfaction directly between the guest and owner. Should a traveler contact HomeAway for assistance under the Book with Confidence Guarantee, HomeAway will assess each situation case by case. Should HomeAway become aware of repeated or severe situations where a property owner is providing a bad experience or taking advantage of the HomeAway guarantee, we reserve the right to take appropriate action based on the individual circumstances.

For more information, the terms and conditions of the Book with Confidence Guarantee program can be found here.